14. maj 2017

Closed til mid June - Funebrarum // Phrenelith tour...

I will be on tour w. Funebrarum & Phrenelith for the next few weeks plus out of the office for another week after that....so expect some delays.

6. maj 2017

7. april 2017

TAPHOS E.P. up next....

The upcoming TAPHOS E.P. wil be sent to press within the next week or so!
Sounds wicked to these ears!!!

6. april 2017


Last report is that everything has finally left Copenhagen (monday April 3rd).
The first few parcels have arrived at their destination. Should yours not show up in the next few days - hit me up and we'll figure out what to do next!

28. marts 2017

Shipping issues...

Due to the recent fusion between the Scandinavian post services - we are experiencing some rather severe delays with mail coming in and going out!
We have been used to parcels going directly from the Copenhagen depot to it's destination country - arriving swiftly. That is sadly no longer the case - and a second stop has been added which is causing some heavy delays.
I hope this is only a transitional fase - and that we will be back to "normal" asap.
So please be a little patient. All orders and trades have shipped when agreed upon.

Should your parcel not arrive - we will work it out somehow.